20 Nail Art Ideas for Valentine’s Day

by The Violet Journal
nail art ideas for valentine's day

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for a cute manicure, regardless of your relationship status. In this post I’ve put together 20 beautiful nail art ideas for Valentine’s Day for you to try, including red, pink and neutral nail designs, and designs with cute hearts and swirls. I’ve also been sure to include some simple nail art designs for Valentine’s Day, for those of you who prefer your nails to be a little less flashy.

Whatever your preference, I’ve included nail art designs to suit everyone’s taste, from bold designs to more subtle looks, including nude colours and minimal heart designs.

Whether you never skip your nail appointment or prefer to do your own manicures at home, these nail art designs are the perfect inspiration this Valentine’s Day. I’ve been sure to include simple designs that you can do at home as well as more intricate ones for those with more experience. I’ve also included some cute press on nails for you to check out!

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Best Nail Polish Shades for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect season to experiment with pinks, reds, and fun designs including bold flames and hearts. Or if bold colours and designs aren’t your thing then you could experiment with a simple Valentine’s Day nail art design, or a cute minimal design that others don’t even know is inspired by Valentine’s Day. Perhaps you don’t want to include any hearts at all, but want to keep that cute Valentine’s Day vibe using pink, red and white nail polish shades.


Click Through the Images Below to Explore Some of the Best Valentine’s Day Nail Shades


20 Nail Art Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Cute Pink Heart French Tips for Valentine’s Day

Credit: @heluviee on Instagram

These pink French tips are absolutey gorgeous, and so subtle. You could get away with wearing this nail design any time of year, but the subtle white heart on the accent nail makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day.


Beautiful Nude Heart Nail Art

I love this design as it’s incredibly simple. It uses just two shades of nude/brown to create this cute, minimal heart design. I also love that it doesn’t include any pink or red shades, but still keeps the spirit of love.


Trending Purple Heart Nail Art for Valentine’s Day

purple heart nails

These abstract purple nails are absolutely gorgeous, and the heart design on the accent nail really brings the look together.


Black and Nude Heart Nails for Valentine’s

black and nude heart nail art

Credit: @napaznokciach on Instagram

I love this super simple black and nude nail art design for Valentine’s Day. It’s cute, classy, and perfect for those who prefer a more simple nail design.


Pink and Red Heart Nails

pink and red valentines nails

Credit: @gxbbygossipnails on Instagram

Try out this stunning pink and red heart design if you’re looking for something bold this Valentine’s Day.


Pride Valentine’s Day Nails – Rainbow French Tips with Red Hearts

rainbow pride nails

Credit: @yodeebs on Instragram

Celebrate love with these beautiful Pride nails. If nail art isn’t your thing, you can recreate this look at home using rainbow nail stickers.


Cute Pink and White Hearts Nail Art for Valentine’s Day

pink and white heart nails for valentine's day

Pair these adorable pink and white press ons with any outfit for a super cute look!


Edgy Pink and Red Flame Nails with Subtle Heart Design

pink and red flame heart nails

Credit: @gxbbygossipnails on Instagram

These pink and red flame nails are stunning. Can you spot the hearts included in this design?


Simple Nude and Black Nail Art for Valentine’s Day

black and nude heart nails minimal

These black and nude Valentine’s Day nails are so cute and classy.


Neutral Brown Hearts Nail Art for Valentine’s Day

neutral brown valentine's day nails

These heart nails are super cute, and the neutral brown shades make them more subtle than other designs included in this list. Try experimenting with bold Valentine’s Day designs using a more neutral colour palette for an interesting effect.


Pink and Red Gel Nail Art Design for Valentine’s Day – with No Hearts

red and pink abstract nails love

Credit: @nails.bab on Instagram

I love these nails as they’re bold, but not too in your face. They’re Valentine’s Day inspired, but the artist has used colours instead of designs to put this message across. These are perfect for those who want to experiment with Valentine’s Day inspired nails, but don’t want to use the traditional heart design.


Simple Red French Tips with Hearts Nail Art Design

cute read heart nails for valentine's day

Credit: @yodeebs on Instragram

This look is so simple but so effective! Add a little extra love to your French manicure with some cute hearts at the base of your nails. You can try out this look with any colour you like.


Cute Pink and Red Nail Design for Valentine’s Day

red and pink valentine's day nail art

Credit: @pop_polished on Instagram

This look is incredibly fun, flirty, and easy to recreate at home! I love the way the artist has used red and pink polishes in this look.


Nude, White and Red Valentine’s Nail Design

abstract valentine's day nails

These are the perfect Valentine’s Day nails to wear to a party or a date!


Simple Chic Nude Pink and White Hearts Valentine’s Nail Art

pink and nude heart nails

Credit: @gelsbybry on Instagram

This is a gorgeous, subtle look for Valentine’s Day. Recreate this look at home by starting with a nude base coat, before using a bobby pin or nail art tool to draw on the white hearts by hand.


Cute Pink, White and Red Nail Design with Swirly Heart

nail art ideas for valentine's day

Credit: @napaznokciach on Instagram

Try recreating this gorgeous pink and white heart nail art design at home!


Adorable Pink Hearts Cow Print Nail Art

pink cow print nails for valentine's day

Credit: @nadiaa_o on Instagram

These pink cow print nails are absolutely adorable! The two shades of pink give off a flirty vibe, and the subtle heart design is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Wear to your next party or night out, or even on a date!


Subtle Pastel Pink Nail Art Design

neutral pink swirl nail art

These gorgeous pastel pink nails are perfect if you prefer Valentine’s Day nail designs without hearts.


Minimal Red Hearts Nail Art Design on a Nude Base

minimal heart nail art for valentine's day

Credit: @heluviee on Instagram

These gorgeous nails are so minimal, you may not even notice them at first! These are absolutely perfect if you love simple nails, or if you need a more subtle design for work or school. They’re also super easy to recreate at home – all you need are a nude polish for your base coat, and a pink polish and a bobby pin to draw on the hearts.


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