6 Signs You Have Pale Olive Skin

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signs you have pale olive skin

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signs you have pale olive skin

6 Signs You Have Pale Olive Skin

You hear a lot about the three skin undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. You also find a lot of advice for those with these undertones – which colours to wear, which makeup shades to buy, and which shades of jewellery you’ll look best in. But there’s also a fourth skin undertone: olive. 

While olive skin is usually associated with a medium, tanned complexion, it’s also possible to have pale olive skin. Up until recently, I had no idea what my skin tone was. I couldn’t find a foundation that fit me; cool tones looked too pink, warm tones looked too yellow, and neutral tones washed me out. It wasn’t until I discovered pale olive skin that everything clicked, and I could finally research which products I should buy.

This article will cover some signs that you have pale olive skin, and some advice on which colours and makeup shades to wear.


What is Olive Skin?

Olive skin is a type of skin tone, just like warm, cool and neutral. Olive skin has yellow or green undertones, and people with olive skin usually tan very easily, even if they have a naturally pale complexion. 


Can You Have Light Olive Skin?

Olive skin is most commonly associated with a medium skin tone, but having pale olive skin is entirely possible. It’s often found in people with Eastern European descent, or mixed race people of Mediterranean, Asian, and Latin American descent. 


signs you have pale olive skin


6 Signs You Have Pale Olive Skin


1. Most Foundations are Either Too Yellow or Too Pink

You can’t wear warm toned foundations as they look orange, but you can’t wear cool toned foundations as they look too pink. Sound familiar? If finding your perfect foundation is a nightmare and you struggle between these two extremes, then you might have pale olive skin.


2. You Tan Easier Than Your Other Pale Skinned Friends

Olive skin tends to tan easier than other skin tones. If you find your friends all comment on your tan after just one day at the beach, then you might have pale olive skin.


3. Your Veins Aren’t Clearly Green or Blue

A common indicator of skin tone is the colour of your veins; if they look blue then you have a cool skin tone, and if they look green then you have a warm skin tone. If you can’t tell whether your veins look green or blue then most sources will attribute it to a neutral skin tone. But this could also be the result of you having an olive skin tone.


4. You Can’t Work Out if You Suit Silver or Gold Jewellery

Which shade of jewellery you look best in is a common indicator of your skin tone. If you feel as though both silver and gold jewellery looks a little strange on you, then you could have pale olive skin without even knowing.

Top Tip: I love wearing rose gold jewelry (in shades that aren’t too pink!) with my pale olive skin.


5. You Worry About Colours Washing You Out

If wearing certain colours or makeup shades make you look grey or even green, then it’s possible you have pale olive skin. For instance, I tend to avoid some shades of red and pink makeup as they make my skin look a little washed out.


6. Pastels Look Terrible On You

Instead, you look absolutely fantastic in jewel tones such as emerald, sapphire, and ruby.


makeup for women with pale olive skin


Best Makeup Shades and Products for Women With Pale Olive Skin

If you have pale olive skin, then you probably have a really hard time finding makeup products that match your skin tone or look good on you. Unfortunately, finding the perfect makeup products for your skin tone will take a lot of research and trial and error, but it’s possible.

Here are some of my favourite products for my pale olive skin. They might not work for you, but they look absolutely beautiful on my skin tone and hopefully some of them will do for yours, too.


Foundation for Women with Pale Olive Skin

My favourite foundation of all time is Estee Lauder Double Wear in the shade Sand 1W2. It’s the only foundation I’ve ever found that works with my skin tone, and I imagine I’ll wear it for the rest of my life.


Lipstick for Women with Pale Olive Skin

Women with pale olive skin should avoid lipstick colours that are too pale, such as light pink and peach shades. I also avoid bright red lipstick, as I find it highlights the green undertones in my skin, although you should definitely experiment with these.

Instead, I like to wear darker shades, like dark reds and pinks.


Bronzer for Women with Pale Olive Skin

Finding bronzers that look good on me is a nightmare. I’ve swatched hundreds of bronzers on my skin and very few of them look right. My current favourites are Nars Laguna and the Fenty Match Stix in Amber.


Eyeshadow for Women with Pale Olive Skin

Luckily, I don’t run into too many issues while buying eyeshadows that look good with my skin tone. Here are a few of my favourite palettes:


Best Colours to Wear if You Have Pale Olive Skin

People with an olive skin tone should avoid pastels like the plague, and instead opt for rich jewel tones such as ruby, sapphire and emerald. These shades are beautiful, elegant, and will complement your skin’s undertones.


jewel tones colour palette


Should Women With Pale Olive Skin Wear Silver or Gold Jewellery?

Women with pale olive skin tend to look equally as beautiful in silver jewellery as they do gold. I recommend that women with olive skin wear whichever shade they personally prefer the look of, or whichever looks better with their outfit. 

However, some women with pale olive skin may want to avoid silver and gold jewellery all together. Perhaps you’ve spent hours pondering over whether silver or gold suits you better, as you find they both look a little strange. If this is you, you do have some other options.


Rose Gold Jewellery

Personally I like to wear rose gold jewellery, as it’s just as beautiful as silver and gold but doesn’t clash with my skin tone in the same way. I find it looks more subtle than silver and gold, and blends in with my skin tone more easily.


Black Jewellery

Don’t underestimate the power of black jewellery. If, like me, you think that both silver and gold look slightly off on you, black jewellery, for example a black nose ring, can be beautiful, timeless and edgy.


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Do You Have Pale Olive Skin?

If so, please feel free to leave a comment with your best advice for others who are struggling with their skin tone! I’d love to hear your favourite outfits, jewellery, and makeup products.

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