7 Profound Ways to Live a More Interesting Life

by The Violet Journal
ways to live a more interesting life

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7 Profound Ways to Live a More Interesting Life


If you follow the same routine day after day, chances are you feel stagnated and like you’re missing out on everything life has to offer. So you may be looking for ways to live a more interesting life.

Adventure shatters the insistent reality as if it were a piece of glass. It is the unforeseen, the unthought-of, the new. Each adventure is a new birth of the world, a unique process. How can it fail to be interesting?’ — Jose Ortega y Gasset.

As human beings, we derive comfort from well-established routines. It’s how we can have order in our lives, in an otherwise unpredictable world. Also, good habits repeated daily are one of the keys to success in our life and career.

Although we like to create routines and organize our lives around our goals and ideas, for some of us it may feel like those habits and routines lead us to a boring, predictable life.

When we go through the same habits over and over again — waking up, going to work, exercising, sleeping, and repeating — it seems like an endless cycle that may evoke feelings of futility and dread.

And when we realize that every day is predictable and boring, it makes us fear that we are missing out on our only opportunity to live a great life.

So how can you escape boredom and introduce more excitement into your life? Here are a few tips that can help:


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7 ways to live a more interesting life


1. Find Your Purpose and Set New Goals

Seeking change in your life to make it more interesting doesn’t necessarily mean packing your things and moving to Bali or dyeing your hair pink.

We need some reasonable change that still keeps some stability in our lives so that we don’t completely lose control. Because sudden change destabilizes our environment and we end up falling back into despair and anxiety.

So the solution is to find something that inspires you, that motivates you, and turn it into a passion. These days, advancements in technology have made it possible for anyone with a laptop and internet connection to create a side hustle out of anything and turn into an online business.

If you value freedom of your time and money, it might be something you could strive for. You can find a reason to wake up excited every day, looking forward to building something that you can control. Something that provides value to other people and gives you meaning in life.

It doesn’t even have to be about money. You can set a goal to run a marathon, write a novel, find a greater cause in helping others, or whatever else sparks a flame within you.


2. Try New Things

Be open to trying new things that you’re not accustomed to. This requires you to get out of your comfort zone and be willing to accept new opportunities that come your way.

If you don’t happen to have any hobbies, you have the possibility to explore whatever spikes your interest.

You can also explore new places in your city, meet new people and listen to their stories, go to a park to journal or read a book, taste a new weird dish you swore you would never try, talk to strangers or go to a networking event by yourself.

There’s a whole world of possibilities out there, you just have to seek them out.


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3. Be Bold and Take Action

There will never be that perfect moment in life where you’ll feel fully prepared to take action. If you’re thinking of changing careers, starting your own business, moving to a place you’ve always wanted to, you will always find some excuse for why you are not ready.

But the perfect moment will never come. You have to take action before you’re ready.

Embrace uncertainty, be open to making mistakes and accept failures as an opportunity to grow. Failure is a natural part of growth. If you don’t fail that means you’re stagnating and not pushing yourself to advance towards your goals.

Besides that, people tend to overestimate bad situations and their negative feelings and they underestimate their ability to cope with the challenges that come their way. So sometimes you might feel scared that you won’t be able to cope with the unpredictable future, but you are more resilient than you may think.


ways to live a more interesting life


4. Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself to do something new each day. You can expand your activities or push yourself to become better at your existing habits.

You could also try new experiments like cutting coffee or sugar for a month, starting intermittent fasting, getting into cold showers, volunteering, launching a new blog, making your own movie, or all those things together.

It all comes down to deciding when to attempt your new activities. You might now be thinking ‘Yeah, joining an improv group would be really cool.’ Trust me, by tomorrow you’ll forget it. It’s better to set a specific time aside to put effort into it and take the first step.

It won’t happen unless you set the intention.


5. Quit Social Media

Social media can have its benefits, but when used too frequently it can make us feel increasingly unhappy, isolated, and bored.

It provides us with an endless source of dopamine that always keeps us wanting more, and it can become an addiction.

Whenever we check our social media platforms to see our notifications, likes, and follows, we get dopamine highs. That’s how our dopamine levels rise, by endlessly scrolling through our feeds and getting an instant ‘reward’ by seeing new images or videos.

This instant gratification makes us lose patience over time and we become bored with mundane every day activities. That’s why we keep reaching for our phones every five minutes.

If you tend to get extremely bored whenever you’re not checking your phone, try to take a break for social media to restore your dopamine levels. You’ll see that you’ll find more pleasure in even the simplest things in life.


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7 ways to bring excitement into your life


6. Bring More Freedom to Your Schedule

Due to our busy daily routines, we are bound to have tight schedules that feel too overwhelming and leave little space for excitement or adventure.

By simplifying your life you can bring more freedom to your schedule and hence find moments to clear your mind and relax. This can give you the opportunity to step back from everything and let your mind wander away from your work, kids, and responsibilities.

It gives you the opportunity to see the bigger picture: where you are and where you’re heading.

Sometimes even embracing boredom can urge you to come up with new ideas and find ways to be more creative. Cultivating your creativity can help you keep an active and healthy mind by stimulating your curiosity, productivity, and inspiration.


“Creation. That is the redemption from suffering, and life’s growing light.” — Nietzsche


7. Learn a New Skill or Subject

When you think of ways to escape the boring routines of everyday life, the first solution is usually to travel around the globe to explore and seek adventure.

While this can be a great option for some people, for others it might not be viable at all. Financial constraints, lockdowns, commitments to family, and work can all limit your ability to travel.

But it’s not necessary to drastically change your current environment to find excitement.

A different option would be to align your life around the pursuit of knowledge. To see life as a quest of becoming the best you can possibly be.

Acquiring knowledge is valuable in and of itself, but it can also help you escape mediocrity and become a better human being. It can benefit you tremendously as you learn about new career opportunities, and cultivate the ability to develop innovative ideas and solve your problems.


Wrapping Up

To sum up, here are the seven ways that can help you live a more interesting life:

  • Find your passion and set new goals
  • Try new things
  • Take action before you’re ready
  • Challenge yourself
  • Quit social media
  • Bring more freedom to your schedule
  • Make it your quest to pursue knowledge

People usually seek escape by consuming junk food, drugs, alcohol, and mindless entertainment in the search to feel alive. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can find back your excitement in life by trying new things and regaining your wonder and curiosity. You have the ability to redesign your life in such a way that you will see each day as a new adventure.

Don’t expect interesting things to happen to you – go seek them out. Embrace uncertainty and reach out for new opportunities. Maybe they will benefit you or maybe they won’t. In the end, you will have gained new experiences that’ll make you value things in your life that you may not have otherwise taken into account.


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Emily Underworld November 5, 2020 - 6:22 pm

These are all great tips for a better life! I’ve not quite ‘quit’ social media, but I’ve really limited the time I spend on it. I’ve been taking more action this year with my personal goals, and I’m feeling so inspired because of it! x

The Violet Journal December 6, 2020 - 6:06 pm

I love this! Limiting your time on social media has so many benefits, even though it’s not as drastic as outright quitting.


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