7 Sustainable Alternatives to Wrapping Paper

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Instead of going out and buying wrapping paper this Christmas, try one of these sustainable alternatives. They’re cheaper and better for the environment than traditional wrapping paper, and you may even have some lying around the house.


Why Should You Ditch Wrapping Paper This Christmas?

Traditional wrapping paper is often laminated, usually comes in plastic packaging, and isn’t always recyclable. 

Not to mention, it also costs money. Why would you go out and buy wrapping paper when all of these alternatives are completely free? Before you go out and spend your hard-earned cash, check to see if you have any of these sustainable gift wrap alternatives lying around the house.


7 Sustainable Alternatives to Wrapping Paper


sustainable alternatives to wrapping paper


1. Reuse Old Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper can be reused two or more times before you throw it away. When someone gives you a present, open it carefully and save the wrapping paper for next year.

A good tip is to write the name of who gave you the gift in pencil on the back of the wrapping paper. That way, when you come back to it next year you can simply erase the name and there’s no chance of accidentally giving someone their own wrapping paper.


2. Newspaper

Newspaper print makes for a stylish and convenient wrapping paper, and there’s no shortage of it in the world. If you don’t get the newspaper in print, try asking your friends and family if they have any lying around.


3. Magazine Pages

If you have old magazines lying around, consider using the pages as wrapping paper this Christmas. This is a particularly good option for the teens and fashion lovers in your family!



4. Reuse Packaging Paper

You know that brown paper that often comes in the box when you get something delivered? It makes brilliant wrapping paper. Brown paper is classy and timeless, and you can even finish it off with a ribbon or some string for a cute, minimal look.

If you don’t have any brown paper saved up, buying a roll of kraft paper is still more sustainable than traditional wrapping paper since it’s completely plastic free and easier to recycle. 


5. Children’s Drawings

If you have kids, then you can ask them to draw or paint some wrapping paper for you. It’ll keep them occupied for a few hours as well as making gift giving even more personal this year.


6. Washi Tape

While it’s not an alternative to wrapping paper, washi tape is cheap, biodegradable, and far prettier than traditional plastic tape.

You can get cheap, hand drawn washi tape on Etsy. Check out my personal favorite – this gold foil moon and star washi tape by The Delightful Extras.


7. Don’t Wrap

The most sustainable way to give a gift is of course to not wrap it at all. It’s not the most popular option, but if you know someone who doesn’t care for surprises then you should consider just giving them their gift as it is.


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