100+ Blogmas Post Ideas for Every Niche

by The Violet Journal
blogmas post ideas

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What is Blogmas?

If you’re a blogger, then you might want to consider participating in Blogmas. It’s a blogging event where you post 25 Christmas or winter themed posts over the course of December – one post a day up until Christmas Day.

Naturally, that’s a lot of work, and so Blogmas isn’t for everyone. It’s fine if you don’t have the time to commit to posting every single day and you’ll still see great results by sticking to your usual upload schedule for December.

But for those of you who are crazy enough to go through with it, you’re going to need a lot of post ideas to see you through until the end of the month. I want to share with you a helpful list of holiday themed blog post ideas for every niche, and hopefully you’ll find a few ideas that inspire you.


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Pros of Blogmas:

The results can be huge

In theory, the more content you post, the faster your blog will grow. Posting every day is a huge undertaking, but it’s a great use of your time and could lead to huge growth as Christmas themed content starts to trend online.


The Sense of Community

If you’re in a blogging community, then you’ll likely know a few people who are also participating in Blogmas. The blogging community is already very friendly, and it can be even more fun to participate in a challenge alongside other bloggers.


Cons of Blogmas:

Your efforts won’t come into full effect until next year

It generally takes a good few months for your posts to start ranking in search engines, meaning you won’t see the full extent of your work until the following Christmas.

You may prefer to upload festive themed content throughout the year since it’ll give your posts time to rank before Christmas, as well as spreading out the work throughout the year.

But if you don’t mind waiting a year to see the best results, Blogmas can be a great way to build up a bank of Christmas content that will naturally gain traction year after year.


It’s hard work

Once again, blogging every day is a huge commitment and certainly isn’t for everyone. If you feel that posting every day will significantly reduce the quality of your posts then it may be a better idea to use your existing schedule in December.


100+ Blogmas Post Ideas for Every Niche


Blogmas Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

  1. Where to buy last minute gifts.
  2. Your favorite spots to go Christmas shopping.
  3. Your favorite Christmas movies.
  4. Your Christmas wish list.
  5. Share your goals for the New Year.
  6. Handmade Christmas gift ideas from independent sellers.
  7. A festive themed day in your life.
  8. How to have a cozy night in during the holiday season.
  9. 10 things you love/hate about Christmas.
  10. Share your Christmas party playlist.


Blogmas Post Ideas for Beauty Bloggers

  1. An affordable beauty gift guide.
  2. How to look after your skin during the winter months.
  3. Cute winter themed nail art ideas.
  4. The best makeup looks for Christmas Day.
  5. The best hairstyles to wear with a hat.
  6. The best perfumes for Christmas.
  7. The perfect day-to-night makeup look.
  8. Your favorite Christmas scented bath and body products.
  9. How to prevent the harsh weather drying out your hair.
  10. Your beauty themed Christmas wish list.


Blogmas Post Ideas for Fashion Bloggers

  1. Christmas Day outfit ideas.
  2. Winter wardrobe essentials.
  3. Cute and practical winter accessories.
  4. A guide to buying Christmas lingerie.
  5. Your favorite ugly Christmas sweaters.
  6. The best shoes for frosty weather.
  7. How to stay fashionable while also staying warm.
  8. Your favorite Christmas pyjamas.
  9. The best coats for winter.
  10. A Christmas themed look book.


Blogmas Post Ideas for Food Bloggers

  1. A homemade mince pie recipe.
  2. Underrated Christmas dinner ideas.
  3. Healthy but delicious festive themed meals.
  4. Cozy meals from around the world.
  5. Delicious recipes that use cinnamon.
  6. How to make gingerbread sculptures.
  7. The best desserts for Christmas.
  8. Winter themed cocktail recipes.
  9. Healthy Christmas snack ideas.
  10. How to decorate Christmas cookies.


Blogmas Post Ideas for Parenting Bloggers

  1. The best gifts for children of each age group.
  2. Activities to keep your kids entertained over the holidays.
  3. Stocking fillers for under $10.
  4. Homemade advent calendar ideas.
  5. How much should you spend on your kids’ gifts this year?
  6. Christmas movies you can watch with your kids.
  7. The best gifts for newborns.
  8. The best video games to buy your kids this Christmas.
  9. Fun family friendly games that are completely free.
  10. Gifts that every child will love.


Blogmas Post Ideas for Home Decor Bloggers

  1. Your Christmas decoration wish list.
  2. Homemade Christmas decorations that everyone should try.
  3. Sustainable Christmas tree ideas and alternatives.
  4. The best color schemes for Christmas parties.
  5. Affordable Christmas decorations for college dorms.
  6. Gift ideas for homeowners.
  7. How to decorate your home on a budget.
  8. Your favorite Christmas scented candles.
  9. How to make your home smell amazing this Christmas.
  10. The best Christmas lights to brighten up your home.


Blogmas Post Ideas for DIY and Craft Bloggers

  1. Handmade Christmas crafts you can sell on Etsy.
  2. How to knit a scarf for winter.
  3. Handmade gifts you can give all your friends.
  4. How to make handmade Christmas cards.
  5. How to make a DIY advent calendar.
  6. How to make beautiful wrapping paper.
  7. DIY Christmas tree decorations.
  8. A list of winter themed embroidery patterns.
  9. How to make a DIY stocking.
  10. Where to buy cheap crafting materials.


Blogmas Post Ideas for Student Bloggers

  1. Cheap and convenient gift ideas that you can give to all your friends.
  2. How to stay productive during the holidays.
  3. How to juggle the holidays with studying for your winter exams.
  4. How to save money when traveling between home and uni.
  5. Where to buy the best Christmas themed stationery.
  6. How to maintain a routine even when you have no classes.
  7. How to celebrate Christmas at college.
  8. How to decorate your doom room for the holidays.
  9. How to get organized for the New Year.
  10. Winter themed bullet journal ideas.


Blogmas Post Ideas for Mental Health Bloggers

  1. Tips to cope with the holiday season if you have a difficult relationship with food.
  2. Tips for dealing with the holiday season if you don’t get on with your family.
  3. How to deal with seasonal affective disorder.
  4. Self care ideas for winter.
  5. Fun ways to stay in touch with your college friends over the holidays.
  6. Tips to keep your sleep schedule in order during the winter months.
  7. How to stay positive during winter.
  8. How to get through Christmas if you have negative experiences associated with it.
  9. Tips for dealing with the holiday season if you feel alone.
  10. Where you can get support for your mental health over Christmas.


Blogmas Post Ideas for Finance and Money Bloggers

  1. Secret ways to save money over the holidays.
  2. Budget gift buying guide.
  3. Products you can sell over the holiday season.
  4. How to get the most out of the high street Christmas sales.
  5. How to stick to a budget over Christmas.
  6. How to save money on your Christmas shopping.
  7. Share a winter savings challenge.
  8. Budget-friendly party ideas.
  9. Side hustle ideas that you can start if you have extra time over Christmas.
  10. Finance goals to set yourself for the New Year.



Are you doing Blogmas this year?

Let me know in the comments if you’ve found any ideas you plan on using this winter, and if you have any blogger friends then please consider hitting the share button – it could help them out!

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Pamela October 28, 2021 - 9:33 pm

I’ve decided to finally do Blogmas this year. This is my 3rd Christmas as a book blogger, and I’m only feeling this year that I’m finally up to it. I’ve already been planning posts, and this post of yours has helped me brainstorm some new ideas. Thank you so much!


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