15 Free Celestial Wallpapers For Your Phone

by The Violet Journal
free aesthetic celestial wallpapers

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I absolutely love celestial designs. If – like me – you’re into space or astrology, these celestial wallpapers for your phone should be right up your street.

These wallpapers are completely free – simply download them to your phone and use them however you like! Although if you do end up using one of these wallpapers then please do consider sharing the post to your socials so your friends and followers can benefit from them, too.


15 Free Celestial iPhone Wallpapers


Illustrated Black and White Celestial Wallpaper

illustrated celestial wallpaper


Pink and Black Wallpaper with Mystical Black Cat

black cat celestial wallpaper


Space Goddess iPhone Wallpaper

space goddess celestial wallpaper


Purple and Black Moon Phases Celestial Wallpaper

purple moon wallpaper


Aesthetic Galaxy Wallpaper

universe wallpaper


Aesthetic Pink Constellation Wallpaper

pink clouds star sign wallpaper


Black and Gold Celestial Star Sign Wallpaper

illustrated black and gold celestial wallpaper


Purple Aesthetic Celestial Wallpaper

purple and gold celestial wallpaper


Aesthetic Moon Phases iPhone Wallpaper

moon phases celestial wallpaper


Pink Aesthetic Celestial Goddess Wallpaper

pink goddess wallpaper with stars


Black and Gold Celestial iPhone Wallpaper

black and gold celestial wallpaper


Beautiful Celestial Goddess Wallpaper

Body Positive Celestial Wallpaper


Mystical Space Wallpaper

celestial iphone wallpaper


Aesthetic Pink Mystical Wallpaper

pink goddess mystical wallpaper


Illustrated Space Wallpaper

celestial wallpaper - space


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Toma Ruh January 10, 2021 - 4:54 pm

These are gorgeous!

The Violet Journal January 10, 2021 - 8:34 pm

Thank you!


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