10 Easy Ways to Change Your Look

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how to change your look

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There are a few reasons why you may want to change your look. Perhaps you’re starting a new semester at school or have an event coming up, or maybe you just fancy a change.

Whatever your reasoning, you don’t need to dye your hair or invest in an entire new wardrobe to dramatically change your look, and today I want to share 10 easy ways to reinvent your look without breaking the bank.


10 Easy Ways to Change Your Look


1. Hair Extensions

If you have short to medium length hair, then investing in some good hair extensions is one of the easiest ways to update your look. Waiting for your hair to grow out is a long and frustrating process, so extensions are a quick way to add some extra lenth and volume and completely change your current hairstyle.


2. Wear a Clip In Ponytail

If you usually shy away from sleek ponytails, then you’re not alone. Not everyone has the natural volume needed to make ponytails work for them, and you’d be surprised how much some extra volume can do for you.

So if you’re looking to channel your inner Ariana Grande, don’t be afraid to bring in a little extra help. You can buy good quality clip in ponytails off Amazon – they only take a few seconds to install and are a brilliant way to change your look instantly.


3. Wear a Bold Lipstick

Wearing a lip color you don’t usually wear is one of the cheapest ways to change up your look. And since you can keep the rest of your makeup extremely subtle, a bold lip is one of the easiest ways to update your look.

You could try a red lipstick for a classic, feminine look, or if you’re feeling edgy a black or deep purple lip is a fun and surprisingly classy way to update your look. I’d suggest the liquid lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills for a look that will last you all day and night.

 ways to change your look


4. Wear a Hat

Hats look incredible on everyone, but you don’t see them around too often. They also look brilliant all year round, so owning one or two classy hats is a cheap way to update your entire wardrobe.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, you could try an adorable beach hat for summer, or a more classic wide brim hat for fall and winter.


5. Wear Fishnet Tights or Socks

You can update any of your existing looks with fishnet tights or socks. This pack of 5 fishnet tights on Amazon will give you plenty of options to update each of your go to looks. Fishnet socks are just as cute, and look perfect with both dresses and cropped jeans.


6. Change Your Parting

If you have long hair then changing your parting is one of the easiest ways to change your look. Despite what you may think, most people can pull off both a center part and a deep side part, so try changing it up every once in a while.


7. Wear Colors You’d Usually Shy Away From

If you’re anything like me, then you may be guilty of wearing the same colors every day. It’s easy to stick to colors you know look good on you, and shy away from colors you feel don’t suit you as well.

But in my experience, everyone looks good in any color. Try wearing a bold color that’s out of your comfort zone – perhaps that’s red, yellow or pink.


8. Search Thrift Stores and Charity Shops

You don’t need to break the bank to update your wardrobe. You can find plenty of cute clothes and accessories in thrift stores and charity shops, so be sure to look out for some bargains when you’re next in town.

And if you don’t live near any thrift stores then you’ll also be able to find some brilliant deals on Depop or Ebay.

easy ways to change your look


9. Wear Clip in Bangs

Getting bangs is a surefire way to update your entire look. But if you’re not ready to take such such a permanent step, give clip in bangs a shot. You can wear them as an accessory, or use them to work out if real bangs would suit you.


10. Get a Piercing

Piercings are a brilliant way to change up you’re look since you can take them out at any time. You could try a cute facial piercing such as a nose, septum or lip piercing, or you can get a new ear piercing if you’re after something more subtle.


How do you like to change your look?

Leave a comment with your favorite ways to change up your look – maybe it’s something I haven’t included in this list.

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