Free Aesthetic Phone Wallpapers for Spring

by The Violet Journal
iphone wallpapers for spring

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Spring is always an exciting time of year for me. Mornings feel easier, evenings feel longer, and the whole world feels brighter and more alive. I always like to celebrate the changing of the seasons with a new background for my phone, so I created these free wallpapers for spring for you to use.

These wallpapers are completely free, so feel free to use them however you want. But if you do end up using one then please consider sharing this post with your friends so they can benefit from them, too!


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21+ Aesthetic iPhone Wallpapers for Spring


Purple Aesthetic Polaroid Wallpaper

Aesthetic Polaroid Wallpaper for Spring

Adorable Pink Illustrated Strawberry Wallpaper

cute strawberry spring wallpaper

Beautiful Hand Illustrated Wildflower Wallpaper

minimal spring wildflower wallpaper

Pink Bee Wallpaper for Spring

cute bee wallpaper

Purple Illustration Design iPhone Wallpaper

purple wallpaper spring

Cute Blue Butterfly Wallpaper

cute butterfly wallpaper

Purple Aesthetic Butterfly Wallpaper

aesthetic butterfly wallpaper

Minimal Floral Design Wallpaper

minimal wildflower wallpaper

Purple Spring Wildflowers Wallpaper

cute floral phone wallpaper

Pretty Cherry Blossom iPhone Wallpaper

cherry blossom wallpaper for spring

Minimal Wildflowers Wallpaper for Spring

wildflower wallpaper

Minimal Rainbow iPhone Wallpaper

minimal rainbow wallpaper

Beautiful Spring Illustration Wallpaper

Spring Illustration Wallpaper

Pretty Pink Cherry Blossom Wallpaper for Spring

cute cherry blossom illustration

Girly Pink and Blue Spring Wallpaper

cute pink and blue springtime wallpaper

Minimal Spring iPhone Wallpaper With Flowers and Bees

illlustrated bees wallpaper

Cute Ladybug Wallpaper for Spring

cute ladybug wallpaper

Pink and Purple Watercolour Butterfly

watercolour butterfly

Aesthetic Monstera Wallpaper For Spring

aesthetic monstera wallpaper

Blue Daisies Wallpaper

cute daisies wallpaper for spring

Hand Illustrated Spring iPhone Wallpaper

birds for spring

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