8 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Minimalists

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gift ideas for minimalists

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There’s a misconception that minimalists don’t like receiving gifts, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. These 8 gift ideas will be the perfect inspiration if you’re struggling to think of good gifts for the minimalists in your life this year.


gift ideas for minimalists


Tips for Giving Gifts to Minimalists


Give Intentional Gifts


Minimalists aren’t interested in random items that will clutter up their house, so you’ll have to really think about what you can give them that’ll represent their personality and interests.

Think back over all the conversations you’ve ever had, and ask yourself which topics they really love to talk about. The more time you spend thinking about what’s really valuable to them, the more likely you are to hit the mark with your gift.


Give a Minimal Amount of Gifts


You don’t have to buy someone dozens of presents for them to know you care about them. Most of the time just one, well thought out gift will be more appreciated than multiple gifts that you haven’t put any thought into. 

This is particularly true for minimalists, who generally don’t enjoy owning any unnecessary items.


8 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Minimalists


Gift Ideas for Minimalists


1. Take Them Out For a Meal


If you’re struggling for gift ideas, it’s hard to go wrong with a good meal. Minimalists tend to value experiences over items, so they’re sure to appreciate you taking them out for a nice meal at their favorite restaurant.


2. A Bottle of Wine


If your minimalist drinks, a nice bottle of wine (or spirit if they’re not a wine drinker) is a convenient gift that they’re sure to appreciate.


3. A Bouquet of Flowers


Although not all minimalists care for house decor, it’s hard to go wrong with flowers since they’re a temporary decoration.

Flowers are a beautiful gift and will brighten up your minimalist’s home for a few days, but once they start to wilt they can throw them out guilt free.


4. Books


Books are always a fantastic gift since they can be personalized to suit anyone’s interests. You can give someone a physical book if you know they’ll appreciate it, but I would suggest giving minimalists digital books. 

You can never guarantee your friend or family member will read the book you give them, and there’s nothing minimalists hate more than owning random books they know they won’t read. Digital books won’t clutter up their house, and they can simply delete them off their device if they need to.


gift ideas for minimalists


5. An Audible Subscription


If you’re worried about buying a minimalist a book they don’t want to read, you can also buy them an Audible subscription for one or more months. This is a lovely gift for anyone, and will give them access to a free audiobook of their choice each month.

Check out Audible’s gift membership options here.


6. Home Baked Goods


Everyone loves receiving their favorite cake or cookies, and baking them from home will only make the gesture more personal.


7. Donate to Charity in Their Name


Offering to donate money to a charity of their choice is the perfect gesture for the friend who genuinely wants nothing. It’s a nice way to show you really care about them, without cluttering their house.


8. Just Ask Them


If you’re really stuck for gift ideas, don’t be afraid to ask someone if there’s anything they’d like this year. There’s a common idea that gifts need to be a surprise, but by keeping it a surprise you risk getting them something they don’t want or need.

Asking your friend or family member what they want will simplify your life, as well as guaranteeing that you’ll get them something they actually need. They might even ask for something you would never have thought of.


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