100 Positive Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

by The Violet Journal
positive affirmations to change your life

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Positive affirmations are short, positive statements designed to challenge negative thoughts and improve your mindset. And while they may seem gimmicky, they’re actually a powerful tool to reprogram your subconscious mind, and have the power to change your life.

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Why Should You Use Affirmations?


It’s easy to fall into a habit of negative thinking, particularly if you’re going through a tough time. Repeating positive affirmations to yourself daily can help challenge these thoughts and hard-wire your brain to react to things more positively.


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How Should You Use Affirmations?


For best results, you should use affirmations daily. You’ll need to repeat positive affirmations regularly to see any long term changes to your thought processes. So it doesn’t matter how you use them, as long as you’re being consistent in challenging your negative thoughts. 

You could say them to yourself out loud every morning, write them out in a journal, or simply run them through your mind whenever you catch yourself thinking negatively. You can also listen to them by either recording yourself speaking or by searching YouTube for some guided meditations. Whatever you choose, just make sure you’re using them every day.

I’ve compiled a list of 100 positive affirmations for you to use, so you never have to worry about running out.


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100 Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life


positive affirmations


1. I am ready to conquer today.

2. I am grateful for everything I have.

3. I will achieve greatness.

4. I love and accept myself.

5. I will go after my dreams with everything I have.

6. I am successful.

7. Today will be a wonderful day.

8. The world has so much to offer.

9. I am doing my best.

10. I am in control of my emotions.


positive affirmations to change your life


11. I am strong, confident, and powerful.

12. I’m proud of myself and everything I’ve achieved.

13. I am not worried about things that aren’t in my control.

14. I will get through everything life puts me through.

15. I am loved.

16. I am worthy.

17. I am determined.

18. I am excited to see where life takes me.

19. Good things are coming my way.

20. I will take care of myself.


affirmations that will change your life


21. I am trying to be the best version of myself.

22. I trust myself to make good decisions.

23. I am brilliant.

24. The world is on my side.

25. I can do anything I set my mind to.

26. I am looking forward to the future.

27. Everything happens for a reason.

28. I will learn from every experience.

29. I will be patient and success will come.

30. I radiate confidence.


affirmations for a successful day


31. I make a positive difference in the world.

32. I exude love and kindness.

33. I can design the life I want.

34. I will not allow negativity to ruin my life.

35. I am at peace with the world

36. Nothing can stop me from achieving my goals.

37. I am unapologetically me.

38. I am ready to take on anything life throws at me.

39. It’s not too early or too late to go after my dreams.

40. I will make the most out of every opportunity.


daily positive affirmations for the morning


41. I will succeed at everything I put my mind to.

42. Every failure brings me closer to success.

43. I strive for progress, not perfection.

44. My past doesn’t determine my future.

45. I deserve to feel joy.

46. I attract good things into my life.

47. I seek out change.

48. Every day takes me closer to my dreams.

49. I love myself completely.

50. I am confident in my abilities.


positive affirmations to change your life


51. The future is uncertain and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

52. I am not afraid to take risks.

53. I work hard to achieve my goals.

54. I bring value to the world around me.

55. I trust myself to do what’s best for me.

56. I deserve all the good things in my life.

57. Everything I do is good enough for me.

58. I never give up on my dreams.

59. I will be kind to myself, even if I make mistakes.

60. Others enjoy my presence.


change your life with daily positive affirmations


61. I allow myself to let go of any anxiety.

62. Life is full of lessons that will make me a better person.

63. I surround myself with people who support me.

64. I seek out the unknown.

65. I choose to be happy.

66. I am stronger than I know.

67. I am focused and intelligent.

68. I am important.

69. I am a creative person.

70. I love myself the way I love others.


morning "I am" statements for manifestation


71. I am excited to grow as a person.

72. I will overcome negative thoughts.

73. I am strong enough to get through anything.

74. Nobody can make me feel inferior.

75. I value hard work.

76. I trust my instincts.

77. I am free from fear and doubt.

78. I will take care of my body and my mind.

79. I am not afraid to keep going, even if I can’t yet see the end in sight.

80. I look forward to overcoming new challenges.


positive affirmations for gratitude


81. I grow stronger every day.

82. I will do something that scares me today.

83. Everything will work itself out with time.

84. I can achieve anything I want.

85. I am lucky to live in this world, even if it’s flawed.

86. I owe it to myself to not quit.

87. I actively seek out learning opportunities.

88. I don’t need anyone else to be happy.

89. I am comfortable in my own skin.

90. I am stronger than my fear and anxiety.


positive affirmations that will change your life


91. There is nothing I can’t overcome.

92. This world has endless opportunities.

93. I will push myself out of my comfort zone.

94. My dream job exists and is waiting for me.

95. I am free to live the life I want.

96. I know exactly what I want out of life.

97. Negative thoughts don’t control me.

98. I am driven by the will to succeed, not the fear of failure.

99. I look forward to seeing what each day brings me.

100. I believe in myself.


positive affirmations to change your life



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Markus + Micah December 3, 2020 - 7:41 am

Yes to loving and accepting ourselves and growing stronger every day! It makes a difference when we believe we can improve without pressuring ourselves. Lovely post.

The Violet Journal December 3, 2020 - 8:36 am

Exactly! As long as we’re going in the right direction we can’t ask much more of ourselves.


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