Rose Gold Office Supplies and Desk Accessories

by The Violet Journal
Rose Gold Office Supplies

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I absolutely love rose gold furniture and home decor. It’s girly and cute, but still looks very minimal and goes with most other colours. In this post I’ve compiled some of the most beautiful rose gold office supplies available on Amazon, so you can beautify your desk or home office and perhaps even help yourself keep your work station a little more organised.


10 Beautiful Rose Gold Office Supplies From Amazon

  1. Rose Gold Wall Clock
  2. Fake Succulents by Nordik
  3. Rose Gold Metal Wall Grid
  4. Rose Gold Pedal Bin
  5. Cute Rose Gold Desk Organizer
  6. Four Tier Paper Tray
  7. White and Rose Gold Faux Leather Desk Chair
  8. Rose Gold Paperclips, Push Pins and Binder Clips
  9. Rose Gold Stapler
  10. Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen in Rose Gold


Let me know in the comments if you love these pieces as much as I do, and if you decide to get any for your home! I’d love to know which one if your favourite, and if there are any other office essentials you’d love to see included.


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