40+ Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Women

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secret santa gift ideas for women

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40+ Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Women

With Christmas round the corner, it’s time to start thinking about presents, and your workplace secret santa is no less important. Secret santa gifts can be tricky – you may not know your recipient very well, and sticking to a budget can be difficult. But shopping for your secret santa doesn’t have to be hard. I’ve hand picked 40+ secret santa gift ideas for women under $10, $20, and $30 to help strike some inspiration.


Is it Okay to Spend More Than Your Secret Santa Budget?

It’s okay to go above your secret santa budget, as long as you don’t go too overboard. Budgets are set for a reason, and while you may be struggling to find good presents that fit your budget, spending way more than everyone else may come off as a little disrespectful.

I’ve included some gorgeous gifts that any woman will love for under $10, so check these out if you’re on a tight budget. I’ve also found some more expensive items for those on a larger budget, or you can also mix and match items to create a little hamper.


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Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Women, Under $10, $20, and $30


Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $10

These gifts are perfect for secret santa exchanges with a small budget of under $10. They’re also a great stocking filler – gift them along with your main secret santa gift as a little something extra.

1.  ASOS Design Snake Earrings, ASOS

2. Miss Patisserie Geode Bath Bomb, ASOS

3. Pack of 5 Satin Scrunchies, ASOS

4. Blossom Lip Gloss, Urban Outfitters

5. Garnier Sheet Mask, Amazon

6. Gel Eye Pads, Urban Outfitters

7. Reusable Metal Straws, Amazon

8. Boho Zodiac Dish, Urban Outfitters

9. Burt’s Bees 5 Piece Gift Set, Amazon

10. Mushroom Photo Stand, Urban Outfitters

11. Sun Ceramic Photo Stand, Urban Outfitters

12. The Body Shop Bloom and Glow British Glow Gift Set, Amazon

13. Small Snow Globe Picture Frame, Urban Outfitters

14. Zodiac Ceramic Hanging Wall Tile, Urban Outfitters


Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $20

These gifts are perfect for a mid range budget, perfect for women who love beauty, cocktails, or relaxing at home with a scented candle.

1. Brooklyn Botany Blueberry Scrub, Amazon

2. Small Hoop Earrings, Nordstrom

3. Female Body Candle, Boohoo

4. Moon Stone Rings 7 Pack, Boohoo

5. Fringe Studio Trinket Box, Nordstrom

6. English Pear & Freesia Soap, Nordstrom

7. Chronicle Books ‘Cocktails with a Twist’ Recipe Book, Nordstrom

8. CozyChic™ Barefoot in the Wild Socks, Nordstrom

9. Diamante Star & Moon Hair Clip Set, Boohoo

10. Morgan Agate Coaster, Anthropologie

11. Colour Changing Moon Lamp, Amazon

12. Red Roses Soap, Nordstrom

13. Smoko Squishy, Urban Outfitters

14. Moonrise Glass Candle, Anthropologie


Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $30

15 perfect secret santa gift ideas for those with a larger budget.

1. Mushroom Embroidered Washed Baseball Hat, Urban Outfitters

2. Wilde House Paper Night Journal, Anthroplogie

3. Chickidee Pink Champagne Candle, ASOS

4. Star Wars Baby Yoda Light, Urban Outfitters

5. Style And Grace Fluffy Slipper Set, Boohoo

6. Mooney Vase, Anthropologie

7. The Cocktail Workshop, Anthropologie

8. Psychic Sisters Crystal, ASOS

9. Set of 4 Meadowsweet Teaspoons, Anthropologie

10. La Lune or the Moon Art Print, Nordstrom

11. Miss Patisserie Mini Shower Steamer Gift Set, Anthropologie

12. Charlotte Tilbury Mini Collagen Lip Bath Lip Gloss, Nordstrom

13. Affirmation Card Deck, Anthropologie

14. Revolution Undress Me Diffuser, Boohoo

15. Deny Designs Lemon Tree Art Print, Nordstrom


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What Do You Think of These Gift Ideas?

Have you found the perfect gift for your secret santa this year? Let me know what you got for them in the comments – I’d love to hear it!

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